Monday, February 21, 2011

Adventuring Party for Hordes of the Things

When I posted my Against the Giants army lists for Hordes of the Things, I mentioned they needed an opposing army comprised of your standard Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party. 

One person on the HotT mailing list suggested the original characters from the original Lake Geneva campaign (Mordenkainen, Robilar, Tenser, et al.).  Another player suggested two heroes, a magician, shooters (elven archers) and blades (dwarven warriors), and someone else came up with magician, cleric, sneaker, shooters, knights, and warband.

Here's my own take on an adventuring party for Hordes of the Things, based on the high-level D&D characters that would take on the giants:

Lord & henchman              Hero General    4
Wizard & familiar            Magician        4
High Priest & acolytes       Cleric          3
Master Thief                 Lurker          1
Ranger Lord & bear           Warband         2
Lord's troops                Knights x 2     4
Summoned djinn or elemental  Flyer           2
High Priest's followers      Spears x 2      4
Of course, after the giants are vanquished, the party can begin its Descent into the Depths of the Earth ...

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ChicagoWiz said...

I've been thrashing over how to incorporate HOTT with OD&D/AD&D for awhile now, to include party members into the mix. I have a couple of blog posts on it. At a low scale/figure count, I could see how your approach works, but I am still hopeful to get to a point where players can participate on a scale of about 1:20 (one stand for 20 men)