Saturday, February 5, 2011

GK optional rule: Hyperspace jumps

Inspired by a similar rule in Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions, I came up with the following optional rule for tactical use of the jump drive in Galactic Knights:

During the movement phase, instead of using thrust to move the ship, change facing, or move the drift marker, the player declares that ship is spooling up its FTL drive.  The ship may launch missiles and launch or retrieve fighters, but may not use any other weapons except light batteries for point defense.

At the beginning of the drift phase in the next turn, the ship activates its jump drive in an attempt to warp out/jump into hyperspace/go to ludicrous speed.  The player then rolls a d10 and subtracts 1 for each critical hit the ship has taken and applies the results:
  • 1: Hyperdrive explodes; roll d10 and subtract the ship's profile: ship takes this many critical hits.
  • 2-3: Hyperdrive destroyed; no other damage: ship may move normally during the movement phase.
  • 4: Ship fails to jump; ship may move normally and try to jump again next turn.
  • 5-10: Ship jumps as normal
NOTE: This table only applies to hyperspace jumps attempted during combat.  This is because the energies discharged during a battle can disrupt the jump drive.  Jumps made before or after a battle, for campaign purposes, do not need to use this table.
What are some other optional rules you think need to be addressed in this (or any other) starship combat game?


Porky said...

This is cool. Having the option brings the background onto the tabletop better.

I can't think of any space combat game that uses all three dimensions, though I might well be overlooking something obvious. That would be something, but for 3D facings a new kind of base would be best, something with an arm that pivots, either stiffly or locking in position.

Desert Scribe said...

Porky, you need to check out Attack Vector: Tactical and Squadron Strike, both by Ad Astra Games.