Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Terran destroyer leader

In the Starfleet Wars game, the Samurai-class destroyer leader came out at around the same time as Starfleet Wars Book 2 was released. 


Interestingly, in the expansion the Samurai was listed as just another type of "Stellar Destroyer"--it wasn't until the release of the Observer's Directory and Identification Manual that this ship became known as a "Stellar Destroyer Leader."

The Sammy also received a change in power in the later supplement: reduced from a maximum of 5 offensive factors (as compared to a Swiftsure-class destroyer's max 2 OF) in SfW2 to a maximum of 3 offensive factors in the ODIM.

In Galactic Knights, the DL is portrayed as an answer to the threat of star bombers and their plasma torpedoes, which the Swiftsures could not adequately hold off.  This is the second of two Terran destroyer leaders in my collection, painted in opfor colors; the other is in my standard Terran scheme.

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