Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gallery: New acquisitions

When I made a recent purchase on ebay, I could tell from the seller's photos that the trio of spaceships were painted; I just couldn't tell how they were painted.  Imagine my pleasant surprise upon opening the package to discover this:

The three vessels bear a tiger-stripe paint job in the style of the Capellan Raiders, and the smaller two of them have fanged mouths reminiscent of the Flying Tigers.  I had originally planned to remove the paint jobs and redo these ships as transports or tugs.  My wife, however, insists I should keep the existing markings and bases, and I agree.  As you can see, they're already mounted:

Unfortunately, I have no idea what line these ships are from or who made them.  Maybe they're for the Battletech setting's space combat game, AeroTech?  UPDATE: Thanks to the expertise of the folks over at The Miniatures Page, the larger ship has been identified as a Betafortress gunboat or Nemesis gunboat for the space fighter combat game Silent DeathThe smaller ships have a similar style, but I still can't pinpoint which model they are.  UPDATE 2: The author who redesigned some of the SD ships says the smaller ships are Sapper minsweeper/assault fighters

The bases have "Ral Partha" and what looks like the number "81" or "87" on the underside:

Take a look at the remaining pictures, and if you have any idea what these ships might be, let me know in the comments:


ckutalik said...

My first thought was Terran Trade Authority when I saw the paint jobs. Nice score.

Spartan 117 said...

The ships are probably from the Battletech spin-off game BattleSpace. They have the style of that game's starship miniatures. Nice find with a pretty good paint job.

Spartan 117