Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another good day of gaming

Another great day for spaceship action, as I got in two lengthy games this afternoon.  Sting52jb from the Star Ranger message boards had contacted me about playing some games while he was in town, so we spent Friday and Saturday pushing around our models at Dragon's Lair.  We weren't able to play Colonial Battlefleet like we had planned because we didn't have the printouts we needed, so instead we tried another set of rules--Kill Radius, by yours truly.  It was fun, and I'll share more details at a later date.

We also got in a large game of Full Thrust, about 3200 points per side.  Of course my camera battery died, so I thought I was out of luck, until I remembered my phone can take pictures.  The photos aren't as good as with a regular camera, but I'm just happy I had something to get pics.  I had a blast playing FT, and I really dig the concept of damage threshold checks and rolling buckets o' dice.  Again, I'll post additional pics and a writeup in the near future. 

All in all, another good time down at the local game store--and a fitting subject for my 100th blog post!  Thanks for reading, everyone.


Spartan 117 said...

Which Dragon's Lair did y'all play at? The San Antonio store or the Austin store? I'm in U.C. so I occasionally visit the San Antonio one.

Spartan 117

Desert Scribe said...

We were at the S.A. store. You're in Universal City? I had no idea you were that close. We'e just down the road from each other.

Spartan 117 said...

Yep, just down the road. Once my fleets arrive and I get them painted, if y'all need another player/opponent for a game just let me know.

Desert Scribe said...

You're welcome to join us anytime, Spartan. Don't worry if your ships aren't ready, I have plenty of minis you can borrow!