Thursday, February 17, 2011

Storage and transport

I've got a big weekend of gaming planned (and hopefully I will remember to take my camera this time), so I thought I'd share some of my storage/transport boxes for my starship miniatures. 

My method is fairly straightforward: plastic hardware storage containers with some removable dividers with magnetic sheeting attached to the bottom.  All my ships are mounted on wooden disks glued to steel washers, so the magnets (sold in office supply stores as tape or as backing for business cards) keep the minis from sliding around when I'm moving, and they stack up nicely when I'm done.  I also have some bigger boxes for some of the larger ships, but the principle's the same.

So how do you transport your spaceships?  Do you store them in the same box you use to tote them around?

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Porky said...

You can think of those containers like small heighliners.