Monday, February 14, 2011

Gallery: Opponents' armies

For a slight change of pace, I present to you group portraits of some of the armies my opponents have fielded against me in Hordes of the Things

First up is Mark's Empire army, representing that political power from the world of Warhammer Fantasy.  Most of his line troops come from the old Battle Masters game, which was a joint project of Games Workshop and Milton-Bradley from the early '90s that came with a ton of plastic miniatures that are ideal for use in HotT:
I really like the magic circle for the base of this army's magician element.
We also have Johnny's Romans, the XIII Legion.  These are for the most part old historical figures Johnny had sitting around that he rebased for HotT.  He's added a few fantastic creatures (not shown) to make his army more fantastical, but he pretty much had enough figures for two, maybe three, 24-point commands.  Here's what he fielded in one game last fall:
The stand of wolves (upper right) are an element of beasts.
These armies illustrate how Hordes of the Things allows players to easily field an army with handy and/or cheap figures.  My thanks to Johnny and Mark for allowing me to take these photos, and for being such classy opponents!

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