Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chancellor Campaign: Admirals appointed

The players who signed up for the strategic portion of the Chancellor Campaign have chosen their commands.  Here's who's playing what:

Matgc: Chancellor (super galactic dreadnought)
Prufrock: Noble Knight Prince (galactic dreadnought)
Gonsalvo: Homeworld Flight (2 galactic dreadnoughts, 4 galactic battlecruisers, 6 stellar cruisers, 21 starbombers, 18 star armored pursuit ships)
Samulus: Interdiction Flight (4 galactic attack carriers, destroyer leader, 4 stellar destroyers)
Dathbain: Gatherer Flight(12 stellar destroyers, 45 galactic transports)
At the local level, we have representatives from the Hill Cantons, Skull Crushing for Great Justice, and Starbase Spartan (as well as some non-blogging games), whom I hope to see take charge of starships on the game board.

I hope to get the first few strategic turns played out by Friday, and I plan on gaming any battles this Saturday. And don't worry, you'll be seeing the battle reports on this blog.

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