Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Starships: Vanguard Cruise

After running the Deneb Clash play-by-email game, Dean Gunderson of Starship Combat News ran another Full Thrust conversion of Starfleet Wars.  Not a direct sequel, the Vanguard Cruise scenario entailed a Terran super galactic dreadnought and its escorts getting ambushed by an Entomalian fleet that included a galactic attack carrier and three galactic dreadnoughts. (Again, links and images recovered via the Internet Wayback Machine, and a thank-you to Dean for giving me the OK to repost these.)
setup (turn 0)
From the introduction to this scenario:
The Entomalians have heard the rumors of the new SGDs and they need to know more. A large strike fleet has taken a round-about course but has penetrated the Terran front made it deep into Terran space to the backwater system where the 'Vanguard' has been conducting mock battles with her escorts. The Entomalians have brought along 3 Galactic Dreadnoughts to test this Terran super-ship and see if the rumors are true.....

Read on for a turn-by-turn of how the battle turned out (spoiler alert: it didn't go well for the Terrans):

turn 1
turn 2
turn 3

turn 4

turn 5

turn 6

turn 7

turn 8

turn 9

turn 10

turn 11

turn 12

turn 13

turn 14

turn 15

turn 16

turn 17

turn 18

turn 19

turn 20

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