Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Starships: The Battle of Vertex

The Chancellor campaign will soon see its first battle!  In a sequence of events that couldn't have worked out better if I'd planned it, the eponymous Terran SGDN and part of the Avarian Homeworld Fleet both wandered into hex 0506, just as an Avarian supply convoy entered that same hex on its way to the safety of the nearby Vertex system in hex 0505.

Since I was unable to procure any captains to game out the battle on the tabletop this weekend, we'll try to play the scenario sometime this week.  Meanwhile, I will share the order of battle.  Kudos to Avarian admirals dathbain and Gonsalvo for some great spaceship names!  

Homeworld Flight Leader (Gonsalvo)
Condor-class Galactic Dreadnought Phoenix 

Homeworld Cruiser Wing (Gonsalvo)
Falcon-class Stellar Cruiser Millennium Falcon
Falcon-class Stellar Cruiser Maltese Falcon
Falcon-class Stellar Cruiser Falcon Crest
Falcon-class Stellar Cruiser Atlanta Falcon
Falcon-class Stellar Cruiser The Falcon
Falcon-class Stellar Cruiser Peregrine Falcon

Gatherer Flight Escort Wing (dathbain)
Hawk-class Stellar Destroyer Tigermoth
Hawk-class Stellar Destroyer Warhawk
Hawk-class Stellar Destroyer Stormcrow
Hawk-class Stellar Destroyer Silverwing

Gatherer Flight Transport Wing (dathbain)
Ostrich-class Galactic Transport Lightclaw
Ostrich-class Galactic Transport Fleeting Star
Emu-class Galactic Transport EMU9712 (new from factory; no official name)
Emu-class Galactic Transport Red Gizzard
Emu-class Galactic Transport Broken Wing
Emu-class Galactic Transport Arrow IV
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Proud Strut
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Silent Runner
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Foul Haul
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Wiggly Waddle
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Star Gazer II
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Quiet Matron
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Payday
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Queen's Stash
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Quill
Turkey-class Galactic Transport Down Transit 

Victory-class Super Galactic Dreadnought Chancellor

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Gonsalvo said...

Definitely should be an interesting action, seeing what the Avarians can get out of the hex before the SGD blows too many cargo ships to smithereens!