Monday, January 16, 2012

My new castle

Over the weekend, I saw a kids castle playset on sale for half-price at the neighborhood drugstore.  Ten bucks for some buildings/terrain for my 28mm skirmish gaming?  I'm in!
Ok, it's pretty crude work--very soft plastic pieces with visible mold lines--but it does go well with heroic 28s like this Heroscape figure.
Not only that, but the castle came with a spring-loaded catapult that actually shoots plastic "rocks" (not pictured).
With a new paint job, some drybrushing, and a wash, these walls will look a lot better.
FYI, the set also includes two more walls (one with a working drawbridge) and corresponding towers, which I didn't feel like setting up for this photo shoot.  It also has decals for the structure's windows, but I doubt I'll use them.


ckutalik said...

Spray paint it with a light gray and then wash it in black? Dunno.

Desert Scribe said...

That's what I'm thinking. That and some drybrushing.

So how 'bout some siege rules for By This Axe I Rule?

ckutalik said...

Oh why do you tempt me so? Seriously I have an outline of some ideas for handling sieges based on the old Knights & Magick rules (and simplified).

Malcadon said...

Yeah, I tend to find old toys to make battlefield terrain with. A little bit of paint can go along way to turn a cheap toy to a presentable game prop.

The nice part about your set is that you dont need an overcoat -- a being medium gray. All you need to do is wash it with brown, dark gray or black, and then drybrush it cream or white.

Ed the THW Guy said...

My buddy is a painter by trade and he said be sure to get an oil base primer. It will say made for plastics on the can. I just bought some made for my Hat Naps and if you want you can use it.