Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Admiral's Avarians

Photo from Blunders on the Danube blog.
These fine-looking starships don't belong to me--they're the property of Gonsalvo, author of the Napoleonics blog Blunders on the Danube, who's now one of the admirals in my Chancellor campaign.  Turns out Gonsalvo already has the Starfleet Wars rules and, as shown in his post on Avarian starships, a working knowledge of the game and its setting.  Check out his photos, he paints his Avarian starships in a colorful manner, and I really like the grid pattern he uses on some of the ships.

I encourage y'all to check out his blog--he promises to post more pictures of starship minis, and there's plenty of coverage of historicals/ancients gaming as well.  I can't wait to see the remaining capital ships in his fleet, and I'm looking forward to more SfW posts from someone besides myself.


Gonsalvo said...

Thanks, Mack.

I do love these Superior (now Galactic Knights) Starships, and look forward to their seeing some use. You can expect probably another 10 posts or so on my blog over the next 2-3 months related to these ships, as I have large fleets for all but the Aquarians.

Already, just posting them has reminded two other good friends in the Hartford area that they also have some of these ships, so hopefully they'll see a little table time... too many games to play, far too little time!


Desert Scribe said...

Looking forward to seeing your remaining fleets, and I would love to read battle reports from any SfW games you play.

Have you told your buddies about the campaign?