Friday, January 6, 2012

Historic transmission: Deneb Clash

The Dreadnought has recovered battlefield telemetry from a historic Terran-Entomalian clash near Deneb.  Because of the great distance of Deneb, it took almost 15 years for the ultrawave transmission to reach Terran space.  The information shows a Valiant-class galactic dreadnought leading a 15-ship Terran fleet in an attempt to wrest control of the Deneb star system from 20 Entomalian craft, including a pair of Mantis-class GDs:
The Office of Galactic Intelligence has converted the data into an animation showing the vectors of each ship and their fates during this harsh battle.  As you can see, the Ents managed to chase the Terrans out of the system, but the bugs paid a heavy price in doing so:
(These images came from a play-by-email campaign that Dean of Starship Combat News ran back in 1997 and linked to on the SCN website.  He created stats for using Starfleet Wars minis in games of Full Thrust.  Although the link to the game reports and maps was long dead, I was able to recover them thanks to the Wayback Machine.  My thanks also to Dean for graciously consenting to the reposting of these maps.)


Don M said...

I remember seeing these on Dean's page, very nice to see again!

Dangerous Brian said...

Very, very cool. Thanks for showing us this little window into the past.