Friday, January 13, 2012

Old SfW-FT minis comparison

From the Game Masters Starfleet Wars-Full Thrust comparison on its now-defunct website.
Top row: Full Thrust Eurasian Solar Union (ESU) fleet containing two destroyers, light cruiser, medium cruiser, heavy cruiser, battle cruiser, battleship, battle dreadnought, super dreadnought, two groups of six fighters, and a fleet carrier.

Bottom row: Starfleet Wars Terran Federation fleet containing three star bombers, three stellar destroyers, two stellar cruisers, Mace space station, galactic battlecruiser, galactic dreadnought, galactic dreadnought-2, super galactic dreadnought, 9 star fighters (of 10 in a box), and a galactic attack carrier.

Does anyone mix and match their Full Thrust and Starfleet Wars models?  Some of those ESU ships would fit in with the Carnivorans or Entomalians.

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