Friday, January 20, 2012

The Chancellor Campaign: Overview

It looks like we have enough players, both long-distance and face-to-face, to run the Chancellor Campaign.  Here's a printer-friendly version of the strategic map we'll refer to during this game.  Red circles indicate star systems friendly to the forces of the Terran Federation; yellow stands for systems of the Avarian United Worlds and their allies.  The dotted lines represent shipping lanes.  I'll explain the significance of all this in a subsequent post.

I envision this campaign as running for about 10 or 12 turns.  I'll post detailed rules this weekend, but in a nutshell, online admirals will direct their forces from hex to hex on this map via emailed orders to the referee (me).  Admirals don't need to be familiar with the details of the combat rules, just have an idea of the general capabilities of their ships, which they will get from me.  When opposing fleets end up in the same hex, local players will game the results on the tabletop using Starfleet Wars rules, and I'll inform the online players of what happened (as well as posting about it on this blog).

Each side will have political objectives it must meet in order to win the game, and each player will have his own goals as well.  In addition, I reserve the right to reset the game and tweak things if my rules are broken and the players aren't having fun.  My thanks to all those who will be participating in the Chancellor Campaign.  I'm looking forward to see how all this plays out.


Matgc said...

Looking forward to it!

Here is my e-mail:

mateus UNDERLINE carneiro AT yahoo DOT com DOT br

By the way, will we be able to choose which side to controll?

RavenFeast said...

This looks very cool! Best of luck and keep us posted!

Gonsalvo said...

Looking forward to it!

Is there a way to "follow" the blog; I se a "widget" for fellow spacers, which I would presume is followers, but it doesn't seem to be operational. I may check back i with a differenty browser to see about that. Now I'm going to *have* to take advantage of the snow today to do some Starfleet Wars pics!


Gonsalvo AT aol DOT com


Desert Scribe said...

Matgc, I'll let people choose which force they want to control. Since you were the first to sign up, you get first choice of commands :)

RavenFeast, thanks. I'll be sure to post updates on the campaign.

Gonsalvo, at the very top of the blog, toward the left side, is a "Follow" link. Click on that and you should be able to follow the blog.

Gonsalvo said...

OK, worked fine with Chrome as a browser, which I find is often the case for Blogs when I have issues with following and followers!