Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Stronghold!

No, not one more fortress for playing Hordes of the Things, but another blog about playing Hordes of the Things

Major Diz Aster, commander of Starbase Ares, has started another blog, this one devoted to HotT, which he intends to start playing.  On it, you can see the genesis of the Earth Elemental army he's building.

So visit the Stronghold of Maen Ddrwg, and encourage the Major to get his army built.  You see, Maj. Aster lives not too far away from your humble Scribe, and the more HotT players I can find around here, the better.  I usually meet up for HotT at the local game store in SA.  There are some good gamers in San Antonio, but gasoline is expensive these days.  So I'm looking forward to playing more Hordes of the Things with less driving.

Where do the rest of y'all do your gaming?  At a store or at someone's house?  Is there much travel involved?


Kaptain Kobold said...

I mostly game at home, a lot of it solo. We have a local group who meets once a week, though, at the local university (they used to meet at my house, but the lighting's better at the uni, the tables are bigger and I was limited to hosting fortnightly). There's between 3 and 6 of us.

In the UK I used to game at a club which met weekly in a good venue with turnouts of 10 or more. One of the things I miss about the UK :)

pancerni said...

Mostly at home or over a friends house. This is mostly out of choice, the younger gamers are still in the Warmachine/D&D/Warhammer mill, my friends are more historical period gamers.

Shaun Travers said...

Face to face gaming is either at my house on the table or at a friends house on the table. I have taken up solo gaming with a vengeance in the last few years and use 2'x2' boards stored in map drawers - mostly to keep little children away and also means games can be set up for a long time.

Desert Scribe said...

I used to play at the local game store, a good 40-minute drive. Lately I've been going over to Ed's to play Two Hour Wargames on a weekly basis. I haven't had anyone over to my house for several months now.

Gonsalvo said...

Mostly at my home/home of freinds )(Hi Joe - Pancerni) Lifetime games played at a game store is under ten.