Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scenes from a solo game of HotT

Although I couldn't find an opponent for Hordes of the Things this weekend, I went ahead and got out my armies for a solo game.
Defending their Skull Castle, my favorite army, the Nightmare Legion.
Attacking through ruins and forest, my first-ever HotT army, Surtr and the Sons of Muspel.
Because he had nowhere to recoil, this fire giant that dared venture into the ruins was taken out by a lowly lurker.
The main battle was a series of lengthy shoving matches between the fire giant behemoths and the the undead spears.  The fire warbands and skeleton shooters also went back-and-forth.
Eventually, the giants lost half their army, giving victory to the skellies.
Not as fun as a game against an actual opponent, but an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

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