Monday, June 4, 2012

Vintage starship comparison poster

Image from ebay posted here for historical purposes.
An auction on ebay (which I didn't win) had (along with a crapton of sci-fi minis) this awesome poster.  It evidently came out around 1979 or so, and it has size comparisons for several lines of starship miniatures.  I have no idea who published this.  At the top of the poster is a logo for Stardock Standard, whatever that is.

In addition to the various Starfleet Wars vessels, I see outlines of Star Trek ships, Stardate: 3000 craft, and even some Grenadier spaceship miniatures, along with some brands I've never heard of--Eisenwerk, anybody?  It also has pictures of some figures of sci-fi individuals, but I can't tell whose.

This is a cool poster, and until now, I had no idea something like this ever existed.  Anybody recognize this poster or ever hear of Stardock Standard?


Don M said...

I have never seen that one!


For a short miniature review from Ares magazine of the Eisenwerk line see:

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