Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Playing D&D at NTRPG

I decide to go to the game convention without preregistering, so I don't have a spot reserved for any of the games on the schedule.  Still, when I get there Friday, they tell me that there will be some open spots.  Most of the games are full, but I see that Jimm, DM of the Skull Mountain campaign in Austin, is running an OD&D game--and he has room for me.
The scenario is "Tomb of F'Chelrak" written by Jennell Jaquays and edited by Jimm, and it's a revised version of the adventure published as "F'Chelrak's Tomb" back in the old periodical The Dungeoneer (Jimm has placed it in his own world). 
We have a full table, and quickly roll up starting characters from levels 5-8 (although I think we were all 5 or 6), take lots of men-at-arms (who are quickly lost) and end up reaching the objective.
Unfortunately for me, my cleric misses a crucial saving throw near the end and turns against the rest of the party.  I'll avoid spoilers other than to say I wish I had done a better job communicating how I wanted to play out the treachery--if I had done so, I might have taken out some or all of the party.  Still, everyone else's character makes it out of the tomb, and Jimm gives us all a copy of the adventure. 

I had a great time playing, and I need to get back to Skull Mountain!

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Sean said...

Sounds like fun and his map is very nice.