Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Starships: Completed Swarm SGDN

At last! I have finished another super galactic dreadnought as an opponent for my Terran Victory-class SGDN
This newest starship to join the Entomalian fleet is a Swarm-class super galactic dreadnought.
As usual for the bugs, I used a lot of different metallic colors, blending the drybrushing to give it that insectoid iridescent look.
For no apparent reason, the Ento ships are the only vessels of the Five Powers that I paint the undersides differently than the tops.
The wealth of details on this model make it a pleasure to paint.
You can see that I went a little further here than I usually do for Ento ships, using a lot of yellow/gold for the bridge superstructure.
I still need to drill some holes in order to base this ship; for these photos I just balanced it on the stand.
I don't know whether I should order another of these Super-Nova bases from Monday Knight Productions, or just try to make a stand on my own--I've never built one for a ship this big.
With this ship painted (along with my more recent bug ships), my entire Entomalian fleet is now ready for battle.
I've never gamed a super galactic dreadnought against another SGDN, so it should be an interesting match.  Who wants to play?


Black Vulmea said...

I'm looking forward to reading the after-action report.

Go Bugs!

Maj. Diz Aster said...
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Maj. Diz Aster said...

Great looking SGDN!

kingsleypark said...

Pretty impressive!