Saturday, June 23, 2012

Half-Price Books has a Dungeon!

... boardgame, that is.  My weekday commute takes me past a Half-Price Books location, so I like to stop there on my way home every Friday.  The past couple of weeks I found nothing of interest, but this week my excursion paid off with a copy of the Dungeon! game from TSR.
It's not strictly OSR, as this is a later edition of the game from 1989, and it includes monsters such as "Karth, Evil Warrior of Zhentil Keep."  Still it seems to have all the pieces and cards--even the dice--and the board itself is in good shape.
I never played this game as a kid (never even saw it in person until now, in fact), so I look forward to playing it.  It seems like it will be fun.  And that game board has already got me thinking about what that map would look like in 3-D.


Mik said...

I had no idea there was an 'updated' version. I played this game a ton as a kid and loved it; the card art was the best. Very cool, nice find!

ckutalik said...

We played a lot of it, very much a beer and pretzels game. Let's play it after the move!

J Womack, Esq. said...

You realize that you have the best Half Price Books in the world there, right? I haunt the local one, and check the three in Dallas near my momma's house whenever we go up. Rarely find anything worth picking up.

You get all the goodies. Quite jealous.

Bighara said...

Dungeon?!? Aww snap! Now I are bitter.

Gonsalvo said...

This is a fun game, even for non D&D addicts. Well worth the buy.