Thursday, June 14, 2012

GNN exclusive: Free Company repels incursion

Galactic News Network has learned that a Free Company star force has repelled a Hishen incursion into Terran space.  Although government sources deny any incursion, GNN has obtained images of the as yet unidentified Free Company in combat with the alien ships.
GNN military advisers estimate the mercenaries are using surplus Entomalian starships against a Hishen force disguised as Avarian United Worlds vessels.  Galactic News sources confirm three alien vessels were destroyed, with no loss of human ships.  This is the second outbreak of space combat in as many weeks.  GNN has learned this most recent battle is relat^^&#^^##^#^##

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Ed the THW Guy said...

For up to the minute news check this and the official Hishen rebuttal.