Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's not much, but it's home: I finally finished a stronghold for my Surtr and the Sons of Muspel army for Hordes of the Things
This volcano came from an aquarium decoration I picked up at Wal-Mart nearly a year ago.
I brushed white glue and sprinkled sand on the base (a wooden panel from Michael's), then glued on the model.
I added more glue and sand to fill in any gaps between the volcano and the base, then covered the top two-thirds of the model with aluminum foil and spraypainted the bottom part black.
After that, I drybrushed the bottom part gray, and blended it in to the blue-gray drybrushing that the manufacturer had painted on the model.
Here's a shot with the owner and one of his sons for scale.  Now the fire giants won't have to borrow the skeletons' house every time they defend a battle.


Sean said...

It looks really good. You didn't paint the upper part? If not that is an awesome job of blending.

HoldFast said...

Cool, We should plan a HotT battle sometime soon.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Sean. I just sprayed over the bottom 1/4 and had to drybrush it to blend in with the rest of the model.

HoldFast, how about this weekend?

David Kuijt said...

What's the base size for Muspelheim? Looks something like 150mm wide by maybe 120mm deep?

Desert Scribe said...

Good eye, David. I just measured it at 154mm x 126mm (6" x 5"). I found it packaged individually at a Michael's store.