Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aliens game setup at NTRPG Con

I didn't get to play this, but I had to share pictures of this setup for a large-scale version of the Aliens boardgame at the North Texas RPG Convention.  The game was put on by the renowned Greyhawk scholar and OSR publisher known as grodog (Allan Grohe), who constructed this huge 3-D map (based on the Aliens gameboard) for use with 25mm figures.
Allan also ran an AD&D adventure set beneath Castle Greyhawk that was a sold out event; I didn't get to play in that one either, but I did have a very pleasant conversation with the grodog, who is a very friendly person.  When he wasn't running his games, he was manning a vendors table, which had publications from several OSR publishers (and where I picked up Anomalous Subsurface Environment).
Talking with him on Sunday, grodog said that the last game of Aliens he ran ended in a total party kill.  Of course, he added that the boardgame results in a TPK about 40% of the times he and his friends play, so that was pretty typical.  It was also true to the source material.  I'm sorry I missed out on the game, but I'm glad I got to meet grodog.


Caliban said...

Looks fabulous. Thanks for the info about Grodog, by the way - I'm heading off to steep myself in his Greyhawk blog.

Sean said...

Too cool. I'll have to give grodog a look as well although the name is familiar.