Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Painting experiment

Since I haven't painted a miniature starship in quite some time, I thought I'd experiment with a paint scheme idea on some ships I've had primed for awhile. I took some models that were flat black and added random flecks of bright.
The concept was to dip an old toothbrush in some white and yellow paint, then run my finger along the bristles to flick the paint onto the mini in random speckles to simulate a starry sky.
I wanted to give these minis the look of a cloaked (or at least deep-space camouflaged) ship.  At first I couldn't make up my mind if I was happy with how this looks or not.  But after looking at them on the tabletop instead of a closeup photo, I think they'll work for wargaming. 
I may go back and add some drybrushing, but other than that, these ships are done!  Now, to decide what faction they will be.  I'm thinking space pirates ...


 Ashley said...

I suggest that if your starmap has some colours on it that you flick the same colours onto the models too. Then they would pop a bit more, but the only problem might be that they will blend in too much to the background.

Sean said...

I like it a lot, a very elegant solution. I only have a problem with the third picture, it just looks overdone. I agree with Ashley, one or two spots of red or yellow might look good.