Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vogon Construction Fleet

I painted some more Stardate: 3000 minis, this time in the high-visibility color of the Vogon Construction Fleet.  Unfortunately, I think I used too light a shade.
The large vessel is a Federation Draco-class destroyer.  The pair of smaller craft are alien interceptors, Federation recognition name Vampire.  The trio of fighter-sized ships are alien Banshee-class scouts.
Although the orange looks bright in some of these photos, in person the color appears washed out and faded.  For future reference, any spaceships painted in Vogon orange should be primed white instead of dark gray.  Unfortunately, I've already sprayed the remaining ships with the gray primer.
The larger vessel is intended for clearing shipping lanes of obstructions such as asteroids.  The  smaller craft provide security for the larger vessels as they work.
These were a test run; I have several more vessels to paint for this faction, including a couple of Star Frontiers ships.  And I'll use a darker shade of orange.


pancerni said...

Lightly reprime with white, actually a sort o=f 'dusting' should brighten up the orange on the high spots for the rest of the ships.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, I will try that.