Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Starships: Archive Miniatures

A reader who blogs under the handle Legacy Magazines recently asked for some help identifying some old Superior Models minis that he was selling on ebay.  Looking at his sales, I noticed he also happened to have a bunch of spaceships from Archive Miniatures, an outfit that originated in the 1970s.  I'd never heard of this line of starship minis before seeing them in his auctions, and I thought I would share them with you, with Legacy Magazines's kind permission.
Capital carrier

Capital ship
Light fighters
Missile carriers
Unknown ships 1
Unknown ships 2
Thanks, LM!  I appreciate the chance to share these interesting old-school designs on my blog.  If you like these, go to the Stuff of Legends website for more photos of the Archive spaceships.


Malcadon said...

When I saw the address, I was like 'Hay, I lived in that area!', so I looked it up on Google Earth. Its literally a small brick and mortar business. It looks like a pair of thin white buildings - a simple storefront on the right, and a small garage on the left - connected by a wider building at the back.

It was a shame they where driven out of business for those Star Wars figures. I have been looking for their rulebooks online, but so far I have only scanned and made a .PDF out of my copy of Sword Lords.

Mike Jurist said...

Hi, I have had all but 2 of the archive ships that are on the list for about 10 years now & have UNSUCCESSFULLY been unable to figure out how to put some of the ships together the 2 especially difficult to figure out are the 2 capital ships #'s 2441 & 2 these ships came WITH NO ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS in any of them. the pictures that you point come from the following website master list of Tom's spaceship miniatures if anyone can find any instructions e-mail me at

Desert Scribe said...

Mike, in case you're wondering, your comment was in moderation because of the age of this post. It's up now, and hopefully someone can help you out.