Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Starships: The Phantom Fleet

After deeming my new method of painting a success, I went on to complete the rest of my Garrison Miniatures starships in the same scheme.
The paint method consisted of pouring some white, blue, and yellow paints (the latter two lightened by mixing with the white), dipping an old toothbrush in the paint, and running my thumb along the bristles so it flicked paint onto the minis.
In light of the resulting markings, which mimic a starfield and could depict stealth technology or a cloaking device, I have dubbed this set of ships the Phantom Fleet.
In addition to a starscape, this nice, random assortment of white points could instead be Kirby Dots that represent a reflex field or other shielding.
I might go back and drybrush these models a little to bring out some of the detail.  I should also probably paint some sort of engine glow on the aft thrusters.
There are eight destroyers, a cruiser, and a battlecruiser in this new force.  These are all from the Star Raiders faction from Garrison.
(Not pictured with the Phantom Fleet are the two remaining destroyers from this set of minis, which I painted in different schemes.)
I think these ships will play the role of privateers in my games, operating with a Letter of Marque issued by the Garrison system.  Now, if I can just schedule a game ...


 Ashley said...

Reminds me of the Shadow ships from B5.

The Happy Whisk said...

Those look pretty darn cool.

Mike Slade said...

I have to get some more of these, because I read that he may be closing up shop for good after next year,