Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wacky Warhammer

Over at the awesome Realm of Chaos: An 80s Warhammer Enthusiast Blog, Orlygg posted about some of the whacky and whimsical little-known gems of the Oldhammer world.  He compiled a top-10 list of his favorite humorous and/or odd figures that Games Workshop/Citadel Miniatures produced back in the day (before they got all grimdark serious and skullz!!!1!!), such as the Dwarf with an Inferiority Complex, the Wizard with Machine Gun, and the Chaos Toilet(!).

He asked readers if he'd left any minis off his list, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite less-than-serious skeleton models.  I've always been a big fan of the Warhammer skellies, and here are a few figures I own that make me smile:

The Anarchist:
Clad in a floppy hat and cloak, this Guy Fawkes-like figure clutches a bomb (in the shape of a skull, no less) with sputtering fuse.  I plan on using him in a Shooters element for Hordes of the Things.

Bag O' Bones:
My wife calls this figure the skeletons' medic, seeing how he's walking around with a sackful of spare parts.  Once he's painted, I'll affix him to my existing HotT Magician stand as an assistant to the necromancer.

A headband-clad skeleton with an M-16 and modern pineapple hand grenade!  What's not to love?  I actually have two copies of this figure, and they will comprise another stand of Shooters once they're finished.

So to ask the question that Orlygg asked, what old Warhammer figures appeal to your sense of whimsy?


Lead Legion said...

I have Rambones as well. One of my favorite miniatures and scheduled to make a re-appearance as a Chaos Cultist in my Chaos Space Marine Army.

orlygg said...

The only model I had seen before was Rambones, the other two are new to me, so thanks!

My favourite skeleton model is the one who has lifted his head off his shoulders and is holding it high above him. I cannot find a picture of him at present, though!

Glad to have inspired you!

Desert Scribe said...

LL, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to let us know once you have your Rambones ready to go.

Orlygg, glad I could be of service. I found a pic of the skellie holding his skull, it's No. 130227 in the lower right corner of this image.

Zenopus Archives said...

Thanks for posting. I don't much about Warhammer, but that blog looks very interesting so I'm following it now.

The Bag O' Bones / Skeleton Medic is a great idea for a wandering monster, and explanation for re-spawning skeletons. :)