Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Axis & Allies

I managed to get my dad and my brother to play Axis & Allies with me this Christmas.  Dad and I were the Allies, while my brother played the Axis.
Unfortunately for democracy and for the workers' revolution, the Germans pretty much took over Europe, despite an initial push from Russia that kicked the Nazis out of the USSR.  It didn't help that Japan swept in from the Far East, taking over Moscow after a hard-fought battle.  I quickly liberated it, only to see the Russian capital fall to Germany the next turn.
Speaking of Japan, the USA dithered too much in the Pacific, not taking out the Japanese fleet early in the game.  Japan kept pumping out troops and transports, taking over India and China, as well as most of the Soviet Socialist Republics.  The Allies conceded the game at that point, and we all enjoyed playing.  How was your holiday gaming?

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The Happy Whisk said...

Imagine if dice were as big as they are to us, as they are to those minis?

My gosh. That'd be huge.