Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Starships: Star Frontiers vessels

I finished (mostly) two Star Frontiers Federation warships, a destroyer and a battleship.  I painted these to match the rest of the craft in my Vogon Construction Fleet.
I was in a hurry to post these as part of a self-imposed blogging goal for the year, so they're not quite complete. 
The ink wash is still wet, and I need to go back and touch up the models.  I also need to paint the stands black.
The photos make the orange appear thicker than it looks in person, so I may have to add another layer of paint in spots.  I also might have to apply another ink wash, to bring out the details some more.
Still, these will go nicely with the rest of my Vogons, a mishmash of spaceships from various miniatures lines.  In-game, they will serve as a mercenary unit or civilian objective.


By The Sword said...

Very nice!

I would love to see your rendition of an Assault Scout.

Desert Scribe said...

BTS, try here.

Gonsalvo said...

Aren't self imposed Blogging goals a pain? One of mine was to reach 100,000 page views by today; made it with a little room to spare, but it kept me posting when I might otherwise have slacked off.

Happy New Year!

theDM'sRevenge said...

Where did you end up getting the ships from? Does someone sell them, or was an ebay find?

Desert Scribe said...

Neither, tDMR. Although I've found plenty of Star Frontiers ships on ebay, my wife picked up these particular models at a used book store.