Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeds of a Chaos army

Here are a couple of elements for a Hordes of the Things 24-AP army.  If you're asking where the rest of this army is, I haven't built it yet.
I acquired these stands as prizes in separate HotT tournaments in San Antonio a year ago or more.  The figures are all (I think) prepainted models from the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game.
The big guy with four arms is a Foulspawn Mangler that's been slightly modified to hold a staff instead of a dagger in one hand.  He's accompanied by a Quaggoth and appears useful as either a Hero or a Magician.
The dark dwarves are Duergar Guards led by a Duergar Cleric.  This looks like a Blades element to me.
Given the looks of these figs, I can see them as part of a Chaos army.  With these two elements, I need just 18 AP more to have a full HotT force.
If I do complete this army, I think I'll try to use all prepainted minis.  I even found a chimaera figure in the toys section of Michael's craft store that would fit in as well as the gaming minis.  Any other suggestions to round out the Chaos army?

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