Friday, December 14, 2012

What my wife traded a blender for at the office gift exchange

Munchkin from SJG.
My wife's workplace held its Christmas party, and they had a white elephant exchange where each person gives a gift to one other person, and that person can then trade it for someone else's present.  After everyone had swapped gifts, Mrs. Scribe ended up with a blender, while her non-gaming coworker was upset about getting the Munchkin card game from Steve Jackson Games. 

My spouse, the good gamer that she is, offered to trade the gadget for the game (we already have Munchkin-Fu and Munchkin Bites, although we've only played the former), and both employees left the white elephant swap happy.

Does anyone else have a significant other who would do something like that?  To paraphrase Silent Bob: Not many women will trade a kitchen appliance for a noncollectable card game.


Sean said...

I think my wife might do that for me, even though she won't play with me. Mrs. Scribe sounds awesome. I have Conan Munchkin and have played it a few times with my 6 year old son.

pahoota said...

Yeah, I've yet to convince the missus to try a game.

By the way DS, your blog inspired me to start my own, so I figured it appropriate to nominate you for a Liebster Award. Thanks for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

She's a keeper. :)