Monday, July 16, 2012

New name, same games: GuadaComaCon

South Texas Mini Con now has a new name.
One hex = 500 feet
Taking inspiration from the two rivers that converge in our host city of New Braunfels, the Guadalupe and the Comal, this year's game convention is now known as GuadaComaCon! (pronounced GWA da CO ma CON)

Muchas gracias to local artist Jason Braun for the logo.  We plan on getting t-shirts made in time for the convention; they'll have this emblem printed on them.  For those of you familiar with the town, the design shows the correct course of the rivers as they meander through New Braunfels.

It's still the same convention, hosted by the same people, with the same website.  But now it's a lot more fun to say: GuadaComaCon. 

See you at GuadaComaCon!

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