Saturday, October 29, 2016

Don't forget to register for MillenniumCon

MillenniumCon is less than two weeks away, and you can still register and sign up for games until Monday at midnight. As of Saturday afternoon, there was only one player opening left for my Siege of Monopolis game. However, for those attending the convention who wanted to play some Ogre and didn't sign up, stop by the table in case we have some no-shows, and we can try to get you a seat at the game--or maybe you can play some reinforcements.

We have room for eight players, and it would be great to have even more show up. Or if you're not interested in playing, there are all sorts of great historical, fantasy, and sci-fi games at this convention. Either way, feel free to come by and check out the setup. Hope to see you at MillCon, whatever games you're interested in.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Monopolis points of interest

Not everything in Monopolis is photogenic, but it's all vital to the functioning of this 22nd century urban center.
This power generator complex is part of the Electric Company that keeps the lights on throughout the city.
The Water Works treats waste runoff and purifies river water to meet the city's H2O needs.
Monopolis Stadium hosts all sorts of sporting events, including Dreadball, Slaughterball, and Battleball.
Izzinanutter Castle is still home to a minor Ruritanian noble house, but most of this palace is now used as a museum.
The Túpharr Bridge one of two main crossings over the Monopolis River.
The Reading Railroad is another span that crosses the waterway.
Ghódurek Lítu Jail is a necessary facility, even in the eary 2100s.
Riveside dock facilities receive cargo and freight from all over the region.
The goods have a brief stay in warehouses until they are shipped to their final destination.
Chemicals are also stored and stockpiled at the Tank Farm.
These raw materials come together in the many manufacturing facilities around the city contributing to the economy of the entire region.

Monopolis. Advance to GO!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monopolis tourist attractions

The peaceful City of Monopolis rises above the rubble of the Last War, a gleaming center of commerce and industry. Come see all the attractions this prosperous urban center has to offer at the beginning of the 22nd century!
Visit the region's center of government, Monopolis City Hall. 
Explore the learning resources available at Monopoly University.
The Bank of Monopolis is a vital financial powerhouse for the area. 
Enjoy the neomesoamerican architecture of the city's famous Nueva Azteca neighborhood.
Tour the high-rise marvels of biphase carbon engineering that make up downtown Monopolis.
Daily flights in and out of Pennybags Intercontinental Airport.

Monopolis. Advance to GO!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Original D&D play report

So I got to play some old-school Dungeons & Dragons over the weekend--I'm talking the original three booklets version (with house rules, of course, as that's the Old School Way). One of the folks on the OD&D Discussion forums mentioned an ongoing game here in the Austin area, and when I inquired, he was kind enough to invite me. Turns out their sessions were so popular, they started a second game with another DM. It was his first time behind the DM's screen, and my first time as a player in a campaign since I left the Hill Cantons.
There was a good crowd for this session: Seven characters, including the son of the DM and the son of one the players, and the DM. Character generation was quick and simple: 3d6 in order. I was thrilled to roll three 15s in a row for my guy's Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom, but then was brought back down to earth with scores of 7 and 8 in Constitution and Dexterity, respectively. I named this character Clumsy Carp and made him a cleric. We started off in the village of Meadsville, learning of a threat to caravans and a separate threat in the nearby woods, which we investigated.
Long story short: Having a cleric came in handy, since we ran into a lot of undead, as well as a minion of the witch who one of the magic-users charmed. We came out of the dungeon with enough of a haul to get nearly everyone up a level. It was a good time, and I look forward to playing some  more.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monopolis aerial photo

Here's a shot from a recon satellite of the greater Monopolis area. This photo was taken in winter, so the vegetation is not obvious (that is, I haven't added the forest and swamp yet). It looks peaceful now, but in a couple of weeks it will be under siege at MillenniumCon in my Ogre scenario. If you're interested in playing, last I checked there were still a few slots open.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monopolis at MillenniumCon

MillenniumCon 19, the wargame convention in Round Rock, Texas, will take place the weekend of November 11, 2016. I will be running my Ogre scenario, the Siege of Monopolis, on Saturday the 12th. You have till the end of the month to register and sign up for games, including mine. Here's the description of my scenario, taken from the convention event list:
The peaceful City of Monopolis rises above the rubble of the Last War, a gleaming center of commerce and industry. But no peace lasts forever. Now invaders march to conquer the city while outnumbered defenders scramble to protect their home. This is a custom scenario for Ogre Designer's Edition, using the official Ogre miniatures (and a few original units) on a large hex mat with 3-D terrain. With room for up to 8 players, you and your friends can aid in the defense of the besieged city--or help the invaders conquer it. Fight in the Siege of Monopolis!
If you're interested in MillCon, you have till the end of the month to register for the convention online and sign up for games. But act quickly; all the events fill up fast, and half the spots in my Monopolis game are already spoken for. Even if you're not interested in Ogre, let me know if you're going to the convention. I would love a chance to meet some of the folks who read this blog.