Friday, July 31, 2020


Some noncombatant hovertrucks from Steve Jackson Games for use as targets objectives in games of Ogre/GEV or other sci-fi combat.
I have a few more of these, along with some other transports, in a different paint scheme that I will show you later.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is staying safe and working on minis.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A new Escape!

My copy of Escape the Dark Sector landed today! This is a RPG-lite card and dice game by the publishers of Escape the Dark Castle--but instead of taking place in a gritty fantasy fortress, it's IN SPACE! The best thing about this line of games is the cooperative play that builds a story of your team's attempt to get away--in this case, from a space station.
Gameplay is slightly more complex than Castle--each character starts with a cybernetic implant that has certain in-game effects. In addition to normal items, you can use ranged weapons (with new dice!) in your combats as you try to free yourself from the installation. And just like the first game, you can play this one solo if you don't have anyone around to join you in your escape attempt. I can't wait to get my escape on.