Sunday, February 21, 2021

Invisible stalker mini

This past week was crazy for anyone living in Texas, so I didn't get much done in the way of miniatures--except for this invisible stalker. 
Our house went four days without power and water as areas all over the state saw record low temperatures and for record durations. 
We stuck it out the first couple of days, but we eventually gave in and stayed with friends till our electricity and water pressure returned. Still, we were very fortunate compared to many who saw massive damage to their homes--not to metion those who died because of the storm.
So it's nice to get back to miniatures, even if I am being a little silly. Thanks for your patience; here's a bonus pic of the new figure next to another 28mm model.
These are unprecedented times we're living in, so take care! 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Mobile Energy Weapon Vehicle

This week's miniature is a Mobil Energy Weapon Vehicle (MEWV--get it? Because it moves!) that I plan to use with my Monopolis setup for Ogre. My brother generously sent me this as a birthday gift after I offhandedly mentioned it when we were talking about gaming.
The casting itself is called the Gojira Hakaisha Laser Projector, from Reviresco's 6mm sci-fi Days of Empire line (there's some other minis in that range that might come in handy for Ogre games, too).
I really like all the details on this model; it has an old-school science fiction vibe. The only thing is, it came in a lot of pieces--with no instructions!
Despite the fact that the vehicle was unassembled, with 24 parts (11 just for the laser arm assembly), I managed to put it together, and with just one piece left over!
Maybe this record cold front that hit Texas this week was an influence in my white paint scheme. I was going for sort of a stark white 1970's aesthetic, but I don't think it came out that way. Still, the model looks pretty cool.
As you can see, it is big in its scale, with the trailer as long as an Ogre Mark III, and the laser arm is even taller than the cybertank's sensor tower. 
It was painstaking to assemble, and I'm not completely sold on the paint job, but all in all I'm satisfied that I finished this monster. The Gojira MEWV will fit in just fine on my tabletop.
Meanwhile, I hope everyone else is staying warm this weekend, and working on a gaming project when you get the chance.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Some scatter terrain

Technically, these aren't figures, but I did paint them, so I'm counting them for my ongoing project to get paint on miniatures. I will be using these items as objectives/markers/eye candy in skirmish games like Frostgrave.

The first submission is this alien artifact, suitable for science fiction games as well as fantasy scenarios. I used color-shifting paint to try to give it an extradimensional look; I think the object comes across better in person than in photos. It does look good next to this 28mm mini.
I then painted a couple of soft plastic Buddha statutes that vaguely remember buying at some toy store. I mounted them on small washers for stability and then painted one kind of silvery and the other sort of golden.
There was a surprising amount of detail on these little things, and they will look great in all sorts of genres. They can serve as objectives, treasures, or just set decoration.
I guess they're life-size for 28mm scale, so it might be problematic for a single figure to cart one off; you'd probably need at least two people working together. Or maybe there's a hidden compartment with the treasure .... 
Maybe not as productive, but I do enjoy converting spare household bits and random toys into gaming accessories. Do other gamers do this often?

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Another Ogre completed

No, not that kind of Ogre ... this model is an Ogre Chieftain from Reaper Miniatures' Bones line. 
I had fun painting him, but such a large figure was more challenging than the smaller castings I've done lately.
For a color scheme, I decided to go with Gary Gygax's description from the original AD&D Monster Manual: dead yellow skin, green hair, and black teeth (actually I used dark gray with highlights, and the fangs came out brighter than I intended).
In the end, this felt like I never would finish it. I would try to do something, make a mistake, attempt to fix the mistake, make another mistake ... I finally called it done when it looked like most of the blunders cancelled out one other.
Like I said, working on this substantial mini made it hard for me to keep on-task. Since I needed a break from the big guy every now and then, I did some quick paint-ups of a couple more familiars (also Bones minis).
I'm happy with the expression on the little red guy, but the tree creature doesn't really have much of a face. But a base coat and drybrush gives me something to put on the table.
So that's three more miniatures painted this month, for a total of eight figures! If I can keep up this habit, I should get a lot done this year. Thanks for reading, and as a reward, here's a group shot of this week's work.  
As you can see, quite a size difference. See you next time, and keep painting!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Starfinder spaceships

I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas last month, so I decided to treat myself to two sets of spaceship minis for the sci fi RPG Starfinder, the Corpse Fleet and the Pact Worlds Fleet. I don't actually play Starfinder, but one can never have too many spaceship minis, can one? The minis look good with their factory paint schemes, and they will scale just fine with the rest of the many spacecraft casting in my collection.

Since these models came prepainted, I don't feel guilty because I'm not adding to my pile of unfinished miniatures. I figure I can use them with any of my space combat games, but I'm curious about how this roleplaying game resolves starship battles. Has anyone played Starfinder, and if so, did you use their spaceship rules?

Friday, January 22, 2021

I didn't say they'd be big minis

In my ongoing attempt to complete at least one miniature each week, I finished up these three smaller figures, some of the familiars from Reaper's Bones line of miniatures. Ostensibly 28 mm scale, they're smaller than the human figures from that range, and therefore easier and quicker to paint. Also, I don't have to worry about clothing and equipment.

I like the way this three-eyed gremlin turned out, especially the expression on his (her? its?) face.
You can't really see the details in these photos, but this cthuloid being looks good with the color-shifting paints I used.
And I'm not sure why this flame sprite is so curvaceous, but some various bright colors make this fig stand out.
I don't know when I will game with these figures, or what I'll use them for, but I'm really enjoying the progress as I work my way through all these unpainted minis. Until next week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Another map for Melee

I haven't been a total slacker recently when it comes to working on game stuff; while I was off for the Christmas holidays, I cranked out this arena for Melee battles. Just like with my previous game mat, this came from a styrofoam sheet in some furniture packaging and was fairly simple to complete. This time, however, I decided to put just a single map on the board.

First, I pressed Heroscape tiles into the surface to imprint the hexes onto the styrofoam. After that, I painted the whole thing with white school craft glue for protection--and to save time, I mixed the base color of brown in with the glue (this also made it easy to see where I missed a spot). Once I had the base coat done, I painted the individual hexes, using different colors for each megahex and for the starting areas. Finally, I brushed a dark wash into all the hex borders for better visibility.  

Not counting drying time, this project probably took about an hour or so for me to finish. I like the earth tones here; it's a lot brighter than my first attempt, which is more dungeonesque compared to this outdoor desert arena look. And it looks pretty good with some of my newly painted minis to show it off. 

I have one more sheet of styrofoam I plan use for a Wizard map, with its additional megahexes. I'm thinking of a wholly different palatte--maybe with cooler colors for a more magical look, but we'll see.