Sunday, January 6, 2019

My first finished Gaslands rigs

My first completed miniatures of 2019 are a couple of vehicles for use with Gaslands (and other post-apocalyptic road combat games, like Axles & Alloys). This front loader and dump truck came from the same dollar store blister pack. Can you figure out the theme here?
I took them apart and sprayed the plastic components with a darker shade of orange. Since I didn't have any old Warhammer 40K bits to convert to weapons like other gamers tend to use, I decided to accessorize the vehicles with 1/72 figures from hobby stores or flea markets, painted like construction workers.
Inspired by the great Kaptain Kobold, I have decided to name all my post-apoc rigs after song titles. Thus, I present to you: Who Can It Be Now? This vehicle has a driver from a halftrack model and the shooter from a box of WWII Germans.
The dump truck shall henceforth be known as Overkill. The figures in the back are all German soldiers from the same sprue as the guy on the front loader.
Confession time: I wanted to get into Gaslands because I thought that painting die-cast cars would be a lot simpler than painting figures of people or creatures. So what do I do? Decide that the first vehicles I paint all need crew miniatures!
It took me all afternoon to get these figs painted to the level I'm comfortable with--that is, a tabletop standard. The photographs bring out all their flaws, but I think they look fine at arm's length on the gaming mat.
In addition to the soldiers, I placed some containers from Reaper's Bones to give the guys cover and something to stand on.
OK, that's two down, and another couple dozen to go. Who knows? Maybe I will get enough of these done to run a game of Gaslands before 2020 gets here.

Monday, December 31, 2018

The Battle of Helm's Deep

In a blatant attempt to get my post count to an average of three per month for 2018, here some photos of the Helm's Deep setup from this year's MillenniumCon.
My buddy Coach and his son ran the game, using an old set of rules called Warlord. They got the castle from a game store, and added a few modifications to it.
Yes, this scenery was huge! They transported it in pieces and assembled it inside the convention. Those are all 28 mm figures.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

More Gaslands vehicles

As I plan on playing the Gaslands post-apoc vehicle combat game one of these days, I've been acquiring die-cast toy vehicles on the cheap.

My rule of thumb is that vehicles (excluding tractor-trailer rigs) must cost less than a buck. My first purchases included some dollar-store packages of two or three vehicles for $1. Recently, my neighborhood grocery store had a two-for-the-price-of-one coupon for Hot Wheels, so I picked up a half-dozen for 47 cents each:
And just yesterday, the supermarket had a post-Christmas sale. I snagged a big rig (normally around $7) for just $1.98. And there was a Justice League Batmobile with a gun turret for $0.94 (those franchise vehicles normally going for 4 or 5 bucks):
I need to get to work on these so I can finally play this game. If anyone has played it, please let me know what you think of Gaslands.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Under my tree

Although this arrived on Boxing Day, it technically isn't a Christmas gift to me. Instead, it is the result of my pledge in last spring's Kickstarter for Escape The Dark Castle expansions. I was hoping to get it prior to the holiday, but due to tardy shipping it did not show up on my doorstep until today.

Getting my order today made me feel like a kid again, as I opened up a new game and reading the instructions. I'm looking forward to sorting everything into the big collectors box--and, of course, playing some games with the new characters, items, events, and components! I guess I will consider this my Christmas present after all.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Season's greetings!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to all. Travel and social commitments have kept me from gaming lately, but I will be rolling dice and moving miniatures again soon. Has anyone else been able to game this holiday?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Seven Years War game

One of the good things about game conventions is that you have a chance to try rules or genres you don't ordinarily play. It's nice to get out of my sci-fi comfort zone every once in awhile.
For me, that means trying out at least one historical game at MillenniumCon. This year I played in a refight of the Battle of Emsdorf using Fire & Fury rules.
It was a Friday morning game, in the first time slot of the con. The figures and table looked great, and it was a good way to start off a weekend of gaming.
I took some French regiments, and as the game was ending sent my infantry charging into the English guns.
The move somehow ended up succeeding, so even though we ran out of time, I feel like I accomplished something. But even if it hadn't, I tried something new.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Passing the Death Test

After my gaming group's trial run playing Melee, I wanted to revisit the game system, but with more of a scenario than some unconnected arena battles. Luckily for me, The Fantasy Trip's Kickstarter campaign includes a reprint of the old preprogrammed adventure Death Test. So we all prepared characters (three fighters and a wizard created using the--wait for it--Wizard rules) and set out into the labyrinth.
It was basically one combat after another--and we got drawn into the game! We made our way through nine rooms of this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, dealing with traps and creatures and other mercenaries along the way. We defeated foes and found treasure--gold bars, jewels, even a potion or two.
In fact we we so immersed in getting our badly wounded characters through the dungeon--we were all injured, some dangerously so--that we completely lost track of time. Four hours later, we were about to pack up and call it a night when I convinced everyone to get through one more room. After defeating the big boss, we made our way to the exit.
Everyone really had a good time playing this adventure. I don't know if we will ever get a full campaign of The Fantasy Trip, but I hope to come up with some scenarios for us to play sometime in the future.
Bonus pic: Before I got to the game store to run Death Test, the group was playing Shadows of Brimstone, a hybrid boardgame/roleplaying game in a horror/Western setting. It's pretty fun, too, although more complicated than TFT.