Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Another piece of junk

Here's another quick and dirty terrain piece for Stargrave and other 28mm sci fi games. This one came from a Girl Scout candy box (dark chocolate caramel cups with sea salt, if you're interested).
The usual steps to give it a worn, yet not grimdark, look: 1. Spray paint a single color. 2. Heavily drybrush silver. 3. Apply a black wash. 
Not perfect, but good enough to provide a little cover during a battle without looking out of place. And one less thing in the recycling bin.

Monday, November 29, 2021

MillenniumCon wrapup (and loot!)

The convention was four days this year (Thursday-Sunday), but I ended up sleeping in and not making the final day of MillCon. I'm sorry I missed out on some pickup games of Melee/Wizard and the other Sunday morning events, including the flea market. 

But that doesn't mean I left the con empty-handed--while browsing the dealers room, I scored this massive collection of 6mm MAATAC* vehicles for the eponymous "intergalactic wargame of great armored fighting machines" from Superior Models.

There are well over a hundred castings in this lot, which I got for a very generous price from the vendor, a local gamer and publisher of Miniature Review blog. As a nice bonus, he threw in some Starfleet Wars minis (at upper right). These MAATAC units cover four of the Five Powers, so I will still need to purchase a few Avarians to round out my collection of Aquarians, Carnivorans, Entomalians, and Terrans.

But first, I get to paint some of these! A nice find at a great gaming convention.

*Multifunctional Armed & Armored Tactical Attack Computer

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

MillenniumCon Day 3 (p.m.)

Saturday afternoon I played a Starfighter! space combat game, based on the Fistful of Lead game engine.
The game master had 3D-printed all the ships, which were based on some computer game I can't remember. It was the humans against the Vaanduls, if that helps. Anyway, I played the capital ship and the space station, which eventually got blow up. But I had fun doing some space combat again.
Speaking of space, the next table over had some kind of War of the Worlds battle in 28mm. It looked pretty cool, and was voted one of the outstanding games of the convention.
There was also a Bolt Action tournament going on that afternoon. Not my jam, but there were plenty of players on a variety of terrain settings.

That was it for my evening, other than dinner with a gaming buddy I hadn't seen in two years. I did get a couple of pics of this massive long table for a Civil War battle.

This game looked like another 28mm event. I didn't stick around to watch people play, because again, tired.

That was it for the third day of the convention.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

MillenniumCon day 3 (a.m.)

The third day of the convention, I joined my brother in a huge American Civil War game using the Black Powder rules and the Warlord epic scale minis.

Although we had historical forces (from the battle of Shiloh, I think), the scenario itself was ahistorical, with the Rebels trying to advance on the Union camps, and the North trying to hold off the Southerners long enough for reinforcements to arrive. I was the Yankees on the far left, including that lone regiment in the cornfield.

My goal as the Union commander was to try to delay long enough for other Northern forces to get to the battle. Somehow, that single regiment held off advancing brigades, and I deployed my other forces in line to stop the advancing Rebs.

There was a lot of shooting, both artillery and musket fire, with both sides inflicting casualties. Many units became shaken, meaning they couldn't do much, and some units ended up whipped, but remained on the battlefield.

We even got a few infantry charges in (on both sides), but I didn't make a single command roll to get my cavalry moving the entire battle.
When time was up, the Union had won by holding off the Confederates, and I won a tape measure for my regiment's brave stand against the Confederate onslaught. It was a fun time.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Monopolis second session (MillCon Day 2)

My second Monopolis game had a little poorer turnout, because I didn't decide to do it until well after electronic registration closed. I figured there was enough demand for another session, and running them back-to-back meant just setting up once and breaking down once. I decided to leave in the craters from the previous game, building a new road and replacing some of the destroyed town hexes with parkland.

Just five players for the evening game, and since the last one was late because of car trouble, I got to participate as one of the defenders for long enough to launch a nuke on some unsuspecting GEVs. 
The final player showed up soon after that, and I was back to refereeing the game. Once again, lots of Ogre-on-Ogre action, with the small guys as kind of an afterthought.
That Doppelsoldner is a beast, with its two mains, eight secondaries, and three missile racks. Because of all the cybertanks running around in this scenario, I warned the players at the start of the game that any time one side ended their turn with more than a single Ogre in a hex, their opponent could call in an off-board cruise missile.
The attackers didn't care, as they needed to cross a ford west of the city guarded by the green Mark V. Lucky for them, they shot down the incoming cruise missile, and it didn't detonate. They also made mincemeat out of the defending cybertank, which at least allowed me to use my Ogre hulk.
They had also destroyed the defending laser implacements, and managed to launch a second cruise missile, which they detonated above the river, rubblizing most of downtown.
The game was pretty much over at this point, but the attackers wanted to get off their second nuke, which levelled the eastern suburbs for a near total destruction of Monopolis. This game was obviously a victory for the attackers, pyrrhic as it may have been. 

So I handed out more prize support, packed up with the help of my brother, and went home late Friday night. It was a long day, and hosting back-to-back games wore me out, but I'm glad I did the second event.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Monopolis first session (MillCon Day 2)

The second day of MillenniumCon, I ran two games (afternoon and evening) of Monopolis, my Ogre scenario using the boardgame rules, miniatures, and 3D terrain on a huge hex map. We got there at 9 a.m., not realizing that the game my brother wanted to play had started at 8. So we wandered around the dealer room (where I scored big; more on that in a later post) and looked at other games that morning, grabbed an early lunch, and started setting up before the 1:30 events started.

The first game, all eight slots had been claimed in online preregistration, but after cancellations and substitutes, we ended up with seven players--and that was fine. This time around, I decided to get all my cybertanks on the board, with around eight for the attackers and five for the defenders, plus conventional armor. I also included the mobile laser, the ekranoplan, and other nonstandard units.

The attackers' Doppelsoldner and defenders' Ogre Mark VI went after each other in a clash of titans in the plains to the east of the city, and the ekranoplan didn't get its troops very far. There was plenty of back-and-forth at the other end of the battlefield as well, including some aquatic action between GEVs and armored boats.
Then the cruise missiles started flying. I'd given the defenders plenty of lasers (and the attackers their own portable energy weapon) for this reason, but eventually one got through, detonating above the main highway into the city, and levelling the terrain for kilometers around. 
I was prepared for this, as rereading the previous Monopolis batrep had reminded me to place the rubble markers first when setting up, then put town and forest on top, to make applying the effects of the nuke quicker and easier and not break the flow of the game. And the players on both sides enjoyed seening the fruits of this nuclear destruction.
This came in handy when the second cruise missile detonated just up the road, taking out the bridge and some of downtown Monopolis across the river--along with some unfortunate nearby conventional units.
By then, it was just about time to end the game. While the attackers made some incursions into the city, the defenders still held Monopolis. It was a good time, and thanks to Steve Jackson Games, I even had some prize support to hand out when we were done.
Between events, I had a chance to wander around some more. Here's a shot of the Circus Maximus setup--a 28mm scale adoption of that classic boardgame. This event is a fan favorite and always fills up within minutes of preregistration starting.
So it was a good afternoon on day two, with my evening Monopolis game still to come. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

MillenniumCon 2021 (day 1)

MillenniumCon 2021 was last weekend, and I had a blast. I saw people I haven't seen in two years and got in plenty of gaming, including two sessions of my Monopolis setup. 
The convention started on a Thursday, with evening games. Since it was just down the road, I showed up after lunch on Thursday to help set up tables. Then I went home and waited for my brother to drive in, and after dinner we went back to the venue to push minis and roll dice.
I took part in a Spanish Civil War game, using modified Memoir '44 rules. The scenario was two players as the Nationalists vs. three of us as the Republican forces, including Anarchist and Communist forces. Our goal was to prevent the Fascists from getting all the way down the table to Madrid.
I took the Commies, and tried to delay the Nationalists as much as possible by ordering my forces to hold villages to the last man. It kind of worked, as when time ran out, our opponents had not reached more than halfway to their objective. 
Meanwhile, my brother took to the arena in Ludus Gladitorius, where he ended up getting killed off in the mass combat. 
All in all, a fun start to the weekend. Anyone else reading this who attended MillCon?

Monday, November 8, 2021

Interesting ...

I took apart a squeeze bottle of "gel control" superglue, for use in terrain building and other crafting, and here are the components. The actual amount of adhesive is very tiny in comparison to the total package. From now on, I'm just buying the normal bottles.

Friday, November 5, 2021

More scatter terrain

As MillenniumCon approaches, here is some more scatter terrain from last summer. 

Can you guess what this transmitter came from?
These two pieces were from my wife's contact lens containers. What's everyone else working on?

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Alien statue

This piece of scatter terrain was simple to make: a dollar-store action figure (Final Faction) glued atop a pill bottlecap. 
Painting was also straightforward: black primer and a couple of shades of purple heavily drybrushed, including some color-shifting purple to give it an otherworldly glow that's even more apparent in person.
It's a tall piece of scenery for D&DStargrave, Frostgrave, Song of Blades and Heroes, or pretty much any 28mm sci-fi or fantasy game.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Gaslands vehicles


Inspired by a Wyloch's Armory video from awhile back, I decided to put together a couple more cars for Gaslands.

First up is Learning To Fly, made from a metal Hot Wheels airplane crammed into the plastic body of a car that came with one of my Space Union sets. Unlike my previous frankencar, this was pretty straightforward: I just cut off the automobile's roof, sanded down the parts sticking up, removed the plane's propeller and wheels, and stuck it in there. 
I also glued two pairs of nails in the headlight holes to look like machine guns. I covered the canopy with the helmet from a dollar store action figure and painted and weathered the whole thing accordingly.
Then we have Walking On The Moon, a Matchbox NASA rover with the engine from another dollar store vehicle, and some plastic sprue to emulate the drive train going down to the wheels. 
Because I like the space agency emblems on this vehicle, I didn't want to do a lot of repainting or weathering--just a black wash to dirty it up some. 
And while there is a driver seat on top, you can still operate it from  inside the cabin--you can't tell from the photos, but I did put a driver figure in there.
I always enjoy making vehicles for this game--even if I don't know the next time I will have a chance to play.