Thursday, March 25, 2021

Spaceship work in progress

Here's something I'm working on. Any of you space gamers recognize this, or know what it will eventually become?

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Water weird and well

This week was more quickie paint jobs, this time a couple of water weirds from the good ol' Reaper Bones line of minis. And since I like the idea of "before & after" versions of the same thing, I chopped off the critter from one model, giving me a nice well or cistern for your dungeon crawling pleasure. 
The chopping off part worked well, since the exacto blade made a circle of unnatural stillness in the otherwise bubbling water, ready to lure in the unsuspecting adventurer.
I've always been a fan of the translucent miniatures, and I do like how this came out. Now I have some dungeon decor/scatter terrain for use as a scenario objective, or just a nasty surprise.
As a bonus third figure, I took the creature that I had lopped off from the well and glued it to an acrylic base. Now I have a water elemental-type being that can appear anywher on the game board (but probably in or close to a water feature).

All in all, some fairly productive work for me today, and I hope everyeone else is getting a chance to accomplish something hobby-related. Thanks for stopping by the Dreadnought.

Monday, March 15, 2021

A la Cart

I know--I'm late with this week's figure. But At Least One Miniature Every Eight Days isn't quite as catchy as the current name for my little project, so I'm sticking with ALOMAW. Anyway, here is a ... cart. It's from the Reaper Bones Wiz Kids Deep Cuts line (fixed! thanks, Stu Rat!), and there's not much else to it.
This casting has a lot of detail, but you need an ink wash to bring it out. That's pretty much all I did, after painting the cart in a couple shades of brown. When the wash was done, I drybrushed a little to give it more of a weathered look (and I may need to add some more).

So this will work out nicely for scenery or objectives in skirmish games like Frostgrave, Melee, or Song of Blades and Heroes. It will also come in handy as part of a baggage train for Oldhammer scenarios. Happy painting, y'all!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Duo of centipedes


Following up on last week's critters, here are two more creepy-crawlies, a pair of Reaper Bones giant centipedes. Again, easy to paint up and suitable for use with any dungeon-crawl or skirmish game.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ticks (6)

I wasn't in the mood to paint, and thought about skipping my weekly miniature work, and then I saw these giant ticks from the Reaper Bones line. Fairly easy to paint, and now I have some critters that you might see in your games of D&D or Frostgrave.
These were fairly easy to do, but it took me a long time because sometimes it's hard for me to concentrate on painting. But hey--that more figures I can now say are done!