Sunday, June 12, 2011

Action in the Hill Cantons

I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been gaming.  Here's a snapshot from today's session of the Hill Cantons, taken from my phone:
The Hill Cantons crew takes on a giant and his prehistoric panther.  From left: Uma (thief), Rellus the Braggart (0-level NPC promoted to 1st-level henchman), Judah the Hammer (cleric), Demitros (fighter), Barbarella the Amazon (fighter), and Mandamus a.k.a. the Professor (magic-user).
Our group of player characters, henchmen, and NPCs took out a giant and a primitive great cat (above), made it to town, and went back with the intent to explore his lair.  That's when things got weird.  Long story short: we don't trust the skinny guys, our reward money got blown on healing--but we acquired a nifty metal tube that makes a big blue mess.  We sure could have used a druid.


Chris Kutalik said...

Curses foiled again. I curl my oily mustache in disdain.

MIK said...

Yes! I don't even know what this post says...just that I've signed on to Super Galactic Dreadnought, woohoo!