Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mining exploration ship

At long last, the newest addition to my merchant fleets is complete: This decommissioned warship is now being used as a mobile prospecting base and processing facility.   
Originally a Federation attack carrier built by the Valiant Enterprises shipyards, this vessel was commissioned during the Third Interstellar War and served for more than two centuries after that conflict ended. 
Now designated as the MV Dorsey, this ship retains its launch/recovery platforms, but the hangars that once held Shooting Star- and Solar Flare-class fighters now house single crew mining and prospecting vehicles, and weapons bays now contain industrial laboratories and processing equipment.  
The starship still retains the fore-mounted twin railguns, which have been modified to accelerate small ore shipments into transfer orbits.  
This is a neat model, but I can't say it was fun to put together. It came in four hull sections that I had to pin together to make sure they didn't come apart, and the various superstructure pieces and landing pads. The latter were problematic because they did not fit cleanly, and it took a lot of scraping to fit them into their slots.
Still, that's one more mini (and a spaceship, even!) that's done, and it will make a nice target for raiders in a future scenario. Till next time!


pancerni said...

Nice job on a difficult kit. Great backstory, can hear the engineers gripin' about making old & new systems fit.

Ski said...

Such a great model and a fine job painting it.

Teddy KGB said...

First, the snark.. It's about time slacker! ;)

Second the sincere... Model looks great!! Also, nice photos. No really. The photos show you have a great eye. Are you using a camera phone, or do you have a digital camera?

Maj. Guiscard said...

That is a brilliant mini and backstory for its current state.
Looking forward to the paint job.

pahoota said...

Looks great! The little touches like the position lights really sell it.

Gonsalvo said...

I like this one a lot, and it is begging to be used in a scenario!

Ravenstar said...

great job , man i love your site. thats a very hard build , glad to see it on the site. old school rule..

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, everyone! Can't wait to use this in a scenario. (And yes, I took these photos with my eight-year-old phone.)