Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Games at South Texas Mini-Con

The events for our local do-it-yourself game convention are starting to materialize.  Here's a tentative list of games: 

I, of course, plan on running Starfleet Wars.

It looks like Brad from Skull Crushing for Great Justice will run an AD&D game at the con, and he's talking about a one-off where the players take the role of monsters. 

Chris of the Hill Cantons said he wants to run a Tekumel game of some sort. 

It's also looking like we'll have someone running Villians & Vigilantes

I need to confirm that Don M of the Brazos Evil Empire will run When the Navy Walked.

If anyone else would like to run a game, let us know soon!


Don M said...

I'm a go for 20 Aug 2011 to do When The Navy Walked demo


Chris Kutalik said...

That's good news about Don. I think it's looking like a good mix of games.

Cronickain said...

Don get me your address and I'll send you a copy of the book as prize support along with your copy. Also please let everyone know that the Conflict on mars supplement is out now and our first eight skus for our miniature line will be out by the end of August! Good luck guys! I hope you have an excellent showing!