Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forest for the trees

Yes, Forest for the Trees is a good band name.
I picked up these miniature trees at Wal-Mart for fifty percent off as part of their Christmas clearance.  The tiny trees went from 50 cents down to a quarter, the medium-sized evergreen was half of 75 cents, and the larger trees, originally a buck each, sold for 4 bits.

I plan on basing these trees (and my earlier vegetation acquisition) using washers and spackle, then spraypainting them with brown and again with green to cover up the white flocking.  That way, they'll be all-season trees instead of just winter terrain.  They will come in handy for army battles with Hordes of the Things and for skirmish gaming using Song of Blades and Heroes.  I'm sure they'll see use in other games as well.  Anyone else clean up on Christmas clearances for gaming material?

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