Thursday, May 13, 2021

Stargrave is here


I just got my copy of the Stargrave rulebook, and after hearing about it for so long, I'm looking forward to playing a few games. With more people vaccinated, it looks like in-person gaming will pick up again, so I need to star assembling my crew. 

While the official Stargrave minis look cool, I have a bunch of old Rogue Trader figures I plan to dust off and get on the table.  Here are a few of them, which I used in Hordes of the Things until the Great Lead Avalanche of 2010. Not sure exactly how I will stat them out, but it will be fun playing once more.


pancerni said...

Ok, so play a game and show us your 'heroes ' in action. From what I have heard, you should have fun with the rules.

Ski said...

I picked up my PDF version of SG a couple nights ago. Looking forward to giving it a try for sure! We play Infinity a lot, but that's rather rules-heavy and SG will be a much more accessible casual game in the same vein. Plus it's a good excuse to buy more toys!

Ski said...

I picked up the PDF version a few nights ago and am certainly looking forward to getting a crew on the table. We play a good bit of Infinity which is pretty rules-heavy. SG should do nicely for scaling it back and making things a bit more accessible.