Friday, December 31, 2021

Done with 2021

Since everyone else is doing it, I might as well offer my own year-end retrospective. Personally, 2021 was a horrible year, as old age claimed two close family members, and COVID showed no signs of ending (thanks, anti-vaxxers!).

On the gaming front, not much better. My group attempted to start up gaming again on a regular basis in July, but the pandemic came back with a vengance, so we had to put that on hold again. I did manage to slap paint on an average of one miniature a week (if you count some of the terrain pieces I made, which I did)--and I did attend MillenniumCon and run my Monopolis game two times! And I did manage to keep this blog going. Thanks everyone for their feedback, I apologize if I haven't yet responded to your comments.

I'm not going to set any goals for the coming year--recent history has shown me that's futile--but I will try to game and enjoy what I can and share it on this blog. Meanwhile, here's wishing you and yours a brighter new year in 2022.


Ski said...

Sounds like your 2021 was similar to mine. Best wishes for 2022!

Prufrock said...

Let's hope 2022 is better! Cheers

pancerni said...

2021 better than 2020.
2022 will be better yet, if nothing else, we have had practice.

Tom said...

I have been lurking (RSS shadows?)and really should comment more often. I enjoy the blog a lot, love your OGRE stuff, and hope we can all have a better 2022.