Monday, August 29, 2011

Another score from Half-Price

Hit the jackpot again at Half-Price Books over the weekend: A blister pack each of Star Frontiers frigates and scouts--one Federation set and one pirate set.  But the best find was this box of "Knight Hawks Privateers," a product I'd never seen before, depicting a faction I hadn't heard of till now:
The box of privateers holds six streamlined ships that would look at home in a 1960s aerospace magazine.  I really like the New Frontier design style of these vessels.  These spacecraft will also fit right in with the Flying Roadshow--or maybe they'll form a rival team.  And just like my painted Fed scouts and freighter, their look is also perfect for War Rocket.
These privateers even come with names.  The big one on the left is the Rollo's Revenge; the ship with the third nacelle that needs to be attached is the Moonbright Stinger; the third from the left is the Condor Class (not sure if that's its name or the class of ship); the tiny one up top is the Thruster Class (ditto); and the last two small shpis are the Lightspeed Lady (left) and the Golden Vanity:
And, just like those other blister packs I acquired, these come with Adventure Squares on the back of the cardboard:
Of course, this means more stuff to paint, on top of what I already have to paint.  But I guess that's a good problem to have, right?

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Chris Kutalik said...

Very nice. One of these days we should have a huge action free for all.

The local HP's have been rocking the house lately. If there is anyone in San Anto area reading this, the store on 410 and San Pedro has a very nice mint condition set of all the AD&D first ed. hardcovers.