Saturday, January 16, 2021

Bear with me ...

Get it? Because it's a bear!

This miniature is the latest in my quest to finish one or more figures each week. I actually completed it yesterday, and forgot to post until today.

This fella is from Reaper's Bones line of minis. He will come in handy for all sorts of skirmish games, especially Melee and Frostgrave.

I like the angry expression on his face--like he got woken up unnecessarily. Some days I can relate to that. Anyway, what's everyone else working on? Have you all painted up some animal minis recently?


pahoota said...

Looks good DS! Nice job on the fur; I always find animal hair difficult to paint well.

No animals in my painting queue, just some Doctor Who figures I'm trying not to screw up.

Gonsalvo said...

An upstanding ursine.

No animals here at present, working on Napoleonic Austrians and Renaissance Gendarmes at the moment!

Teddy KGB said...

The Ministry of Truth will be reaching out to you shortly for such horrible pun usage.


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Ignorance is Strength

Teddy KGB said...

Forgot to add. Looks really good.