Monday, June 14, 2021

"Space ships for your space war"

Browsing online for cheap toys to use in Stargrave, I came across the Space Union line of sci-fi sets, advertised as "Space ships for your space war." According to the packaging, this toy line is made by Peng Rong out of China. I found two items, once looking like a SHIELD helicarrier, and the other like a more conventional science fictional vessel.  

Each was under twenty bucks, and free shipping. I got a whole lot of toys for my $40. Not only were they large models, suitable for use in 28mm skirmish games, but each big ship carried several smaller toys, a mix of flying and ground vehicles. 

The set incuded a couple of scale-indeterminate winged craft that could do in a spaceship game, a tracked tank that might work in Ogre, and even a die-cast sedan. While the car is too small for 28mm, the construction-type hover vehicle and the four-legged walker (which will make a nice robot guardian) are the perfect size for Stargrave and other sci-fi games, like Mutants & Death Ray Guns.

These toys have a lot of potential in my scenarios as objective, opponents, opportunities, or even just scatter terrain. Unfortunately, the low price of these sets means the undersides of most of these vehicles are hollow, but that won't be an issue in most games. 

Still, it's a lot of bang for your gaming bucks. These spaceships just need some new paint jobs, and they'll be ready for use as terrain features or objectives. Their size means they will block line-of-sight and provide vantage points, which will make tactical situations interesting. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase.

Now I'm off to work on my space ships for my space war. 


Shaun Travers said...

A great find. I love it when things like this happen.

Ski said...

Those are pretty great. It looks like there's a good bit of Stargraving going on right now. I've got a crew being assembled and am looking forward to the first outing for sure!

pancerni said...

Wonderful find, clever ideas you posited! Thanks for the heads up. Hollow undersides don't bother a lot of us.

TamsinP said...

Nice finds! At that price, you could even afford to "sacrifice" one of the ships to break up and use as terrain for the scenarios involving a crashed starship. :)

Maj. Guiscard said...

Thanks for the idea!

maxmike said...

I bought two of these about three months ago for a definitely off the wall reason--the helicarrier one looked exactly like the original design for a MEKTON Fan carrier (circa 1982). Slapped some neutral paint on those suckers and BAM! I had a perfect base for my MEKTON squadron.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, everyone!

Mike, have you seen my latest post?